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Jamie & Michael

"Alexa was my favorite person throughout this whole experience. She was amazing, experienced, and the perfect person to have on your side on the big day!! I would not of chosen another person to help plan my big day especially from a different state! "

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Rachel & Andrew

"Five stars is not enough stars to give Alexa and her team. She was absolutely incredible and was so on top of everything, down to the minute - kept us on schedule and things running smoothly while still allowing us to enjoy the night. She's also gets the stamp of approval by the Mother of the Bride - I think she's even more thankful for her than I am. Added bonus Alexa and her team are the kindest people and so genuine in making sure my day was extra special. Alexa was a godsend through the craziness of this pandemic and year and I don't think we would have made it to the alter without her. Seriously one of our best decisions was deciding to work with Alexa. I don't have the words, she took the reins and handled everything so gracefully so I could step back and really take in and enjoy my day."

Deanna & Jason

"At the beginning of our wedding planning, my fiance' and I decided to have the wedding in two different locations. I began to realize this can be a logistical nightmare and we decided to hire a wedding coordinator. We met with Alexa, and decided to pick her as our wedding coordinator. Alexa did an amazing job. Our wedding service was at a church and the reception was at another venue. We could not have met our timeline and have such a smooth wedding experience without her expertise. Alexa always remained clam and confident at times when I was not. My wedding was beautiful and I'm happy that we worked with Alexa!"

Lauren & Troy

"One of the best investments of the wedding! I don't know how we would have handled our day without Alexa. Everything was flawless, even with a few last minute changes she handled it all with grace. She was so sweet and was always right there if I worried about any details. The company is so incredibly professional and organized, wow are they organized, LOVE it, you have nothing to worry about with them on your team."

Raegan & Adam

"There are not enough words to describe how amazing Alexa and her team were! Alexa thought out EVERY. SINGLE. thing and had so many ideas when I had no clue what to do. As a very indecisive person, Alexa was exactly what I needed to help me get through the millions of decisions and choices to be made when planning such an event. She would give me options, pros and cons of each, show examples of the options, and give her advice/opinion on the choices. She was able to immediately see the vision of what I wanted from day one and knew how to get me there. She even got me there within our budget! We also had a family emergency two weeks before our wedding that made the last touches extremely difficult for me to finish. So Alexa fully took the reins and handled everything she possibly could to make things easier on my family and I. Throughout the entire process she was so informative and FULL of knowledge and creativity. Even my other vendors were impressed with how detailed and put together Alexa was. A lot of people say something will go wrong on your wedding day and advise you to just roll with it. But I can honestly say, if anything went wrong on our day I had no idea because Alexa must have handled it because the day was perfect. She helped make a photography list so pictures with family and friends were seamlessly quick and easy. She even thought about every wrinkle on the napkins for my table settings and spent hours ironing them so it would all look flawless. She also went well out of her way to find the exact ribbon I wanted for my napkins when she could have easily talked me into a different ribbon instead. But she knew I loved that specific one so she was determined to make it happen. She coordinated with all of my vendors, which took such a huge stress off of me. Everyone just loved her and talked about how “small but mighty” she was because, despite being a petite little blonde, she can get a crowd of people (aka loud groomsmen) to listen like no one I’ve seen before! I truly could not have done it all without her. Her and her team were a dream come true. Our day was described by multiple guest as a “fairytale wedding” and I give all the credit to Alexa for that. She was the absolute best investment I made for my wedding and I would choose her a million times over again! "

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Melissa & Andrew

"I worked with Alexa and she was so helpful. She did so much behind the scenes coordinating with vendors. We remained on schedule and to the timeline. Everything was perfect on the day of due to her. Super sweet and fun to work with!"

Adolphia & Evan

"My wedding was a Big Fat Haitian Wedding in a nontraditional wedding reception venue. Alexa was very organized from the very beginning. I got reminder emails of things I should do 9 months out, 6 months out, etc. The consultation meetings were very productive and she suggested things that I would have never considered. The day of the wedding, I was calm knowing that Alexa had everything handled. We were able to finish the ceremony on time and take adequate pictures before moving on to the venue because of Alexa's timeline and photo shot list. I had so much fun at my wedding and my guests did too. Alexa would magically pop up and tell me it's time for cake or bouquet toss. I was just able to enjoy the wedding. I would highly recommend Alexa to any bride. The service is impeccable and you won't regret it."

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